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Booting ipxe from oschooser in WDS
2013-09-10, 15:23
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Booting ipxe from oschooser in WDS

We have WDS servers, we would like to ipxe completely, but we cannot go for a "big bang" approach. What we would like to do is add an option in oschooser to be able to boot to ipxe. We currently boot pxelinux.0 and windows (obviously), but every time we select the option for ipxe we get:

Waiting for reboot

Reboot Failed ...Press Alt+Ctrl+Delete to reboot.

The message appears instantly. The path is correct to ipxe.pxe. From doing a wireshark trace, the WDS server sends 63 packets at 512kb and on the 64th repeats the data packet four times and then errors with a timeout in the trace.
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