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ipxe/memdisk/http iso - Only rebooting
2014-02-14, 14:21
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ipxe/memdisk/http iso - Only rebooting
Hi guys,

I'm hoping someone can help me with an issue..

I'm using a usb drive to boot into syslinux. From there I can boot multiple ISO files from the USB correctly using memdisk

However, I also have some ISO's online. So I let syslinux boot into ipxe, it gets dhcp address, it downloads the files, and than, it just reboots. FOr about half a second there is some text scrolling, but to short to read anything.

I've tried several methodes of booting, but all have the same issue, on multiple PC's.

The code used:
initrd http://.../linux/debian-live-7.1-amd64-standard.iso
chain http://.../memdisk iso raw

Has anybody seen this before, or have a possible solution?
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2014-02-20, 09:31
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RE: ipxe/memdisk/http iso - Only rebooting
I would recommend that you build with serial or syslog debugging to see if you're able to figure out what (if any) error message is displayed before the reboot. See for more details on how.
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