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iseq on a string with a space??
2016-02-11, 21:28
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RE: iseq on a string with a space??
(2016-02-11 21:15)robzr Wrote:  On a Dell server, the ${manufacturer} variable is "Dell Inc.". I cannot figure out a way to do an iseq on this variable, I tried:

iseq ${manufacturer} Dell${}Inc.

But it always evaluates false. Using anything with a space, 'Dell Inc.', "Dell Inc.", Dell\ Inc., etc, always results in syntax error since it is parsed as two arguments.

Any recommendations?

To create a variable that contains a space run
set sp:hex 20 && set sp ${sp:string}

Now you can run
iseq ${manufacturer} Dell${sp}Inc.

If it does not work, what is the output of echo ${manufacturer:hexhyp} ?

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